Solid Elegance

No 1

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A Thin Steel Premier Piece

Architect Pontus Lomar has designed everything from restaurants, shops, and offices to prominent private residences and entire urban plans, both in Sweden and internationally. He now joins the proud tradition of architects designing a furniture collection.

A series of steel furniture, which is also the first collection by the new producer Steel by Göhlin, will be released during the spring.

The first launch, the No 1 Chair in drawn steel rod, is deceptively simple and light, with a graphic form evoking a hasty pencil sketch. The Butterfly Chair from the 50’s, and even the curling smoke from Frank Stella’s cigar are among the playful inspirations.

Designing a steel rod frame is a game of drawing a line from A to B, preferably without lifting the pencil. The actual fabrication involves finding the thinnest rod diameter for stability. Craftsmanship and precision is essential. Through testing, the optimum rod diameter for the No 1 chair was found to be 11 mm. The seat angle was tested just as thoroughly.

The standard model can be complemented with the back and seat covered with strap leather or with horsehair stuffed leather cushions for ultimate sitting comfort. The thin arm rests can also be wrapped with leather.

The name No 1 Chair indicates that this is the first of a series of furniture with a refined simplicity in an international design language. It is also an homage by Catrine Göhlin, the founder of Steel by Göhlin, to her father, who gave exactly the same name to his first series of steel railings.

The Woman of Steel from Småland

A wise entrepreneur keeps an open-mind, recognizes opportunities, and is driven by a passion to meet their goals.

Such was Erik Andersson, a carpenter from Smålandsstenar in the province of Småland, Sweden. When Erik saw the need for a local manufacturer of steel stair railings, he took time off work to start production in his home cellar. This venture turned into a full-time pursuit within one year, and Erik Anderssons Byggnadssmide (EAB) was founded in 1957. The steel framework and doors that EAB initially fabricated for their own factory expansion in 1969 became their main products, which lead to EAB becoming the global enterprise which it is today.

Daughter Catrine Göhlin and her two brothers took over EAB in 1984. Catrine left in 1997. In the launching of her furniture label, Steel by Göhlin, it is clear that she has inherited the mentality and approach of her father Erik. Granted, her start was not in the basement - but in her own kitchen in Gnosjö. Catrine engaged Pontus Lomar of Lomar Arkitekter for a remodeling of her kitchen, which soon expanded into a complete renovation of the entire property, as well as the commission of a number of custom-designed furniture pieces for the residence. Catrine and Pontus felt that these unique and locally-produced pieces were ready to be appreciated by a larger audience.

The Gnosjö region in the Swedish province of Småland is, by tradition, full of entrepreneurial spirit and generosity, where skillful craftsmanship and hard work go hand-in-hand with dedicated family businesses and a practice of sharing knowledge and helping each other. Naturally, it is here where Steel by Göhlin’s furniture is produced, primarily by EAB - and it goes without saying that steel is the material of choice.

In this way, Catrine carries her father’s legacy forward, with Småland ingenuity, steel, and world-class design.

Gnosjö 2016